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Alcohol’s Role in Fatal College Hazing

Annually, 1000s of positive young people in schools around the country join to become pledges. These pupils are pledging for an opportunity to gain access to a hot fraternity on grounds. Fraternities provide lots of advantages, yet pledging can result in hazing which can lead to lethal situations.

Pledges are given an array of tasks along with projects that they must carry out to be asked to be a part of the fraternity. Some fraternities host elaborate events and require that the pledges take part in the drinking. While it is certainly not the plan to obliterate a pledge, it’s transpired and drinking is often the primary factor. Alcohol poisoning is a primary reason as well as pledges choking on their own throw-up subsequent to passing out. Binge drinking is yet another reason why hazing could go drastically wrong – at times people injure themselves while drunk and the personal injuries wind up being terminal. To prevent deadly university hazing, much more attention should be brought into the educational facilities and young people need to learn that no degree of status may be worth the possibility of losing your life.

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