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can we do anything about my boyfriends ex having unfit people living with her and his 8 year old daughter?

his ex has been having some girl living with her who i knew from years ago(she dated my cousin probably 15 years ago) this lady living with them is a known drug user crack and herion He has joint custody right now(we have her 6 months out of the year, week to week) This lady is bad news and the mother also has checked her self into rehab about 3 years ago. We have his daughter right now, and she doesnt want to go home anymore but the custody agreement says week to week the mother lives in a neighborhood that is not very nice and brook is not allowed outside over there Should we call CYS and can they really do anything about this person with only hearsay custody is such a horrible process but what can we do please help
we want her to come with us…love her like my own….i have raised 2 girls of my own who are 21 and 18……..we are calling the lawyer in the morning……..we just didnt know if CYS would investigate someone that is living with the mother
we just dropped the daughter off at camp this afternoon for a week so we have a week to figure something out before she gets back here

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