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Children repeat everything they hear: Fact or Myth?

A few days ago, I posted a question “Do children really repeat everything they hear.” I received high percentage of answers actually knocking this myth b/c “kids” will misconstrue the truth. Perhaps this has a lot of truth to it; however, ONE person responded as follows: “Yes, they will, and for a 4-year old to repeat a statement so vividly, well, she heard it from her mommy and daddy.” Well interesting news. My employee approached me this past Monday in tears to BE HONEST with me that her little girl did indeed repeat verbatim she and her husband discussing the fact that “I” smoke (I hate it too; wanting to quit), and that they said “I was gross.” She greatly apologized, and I accepted. What had been so troubling about this is that I have GIVEN this person a tremendous amount of money over the past year to assist her with her daughter who is in drug rehab, etc. She didn’t have the money to take care of things. When I say a tremendous, well, I am tlaking about over $10K.
I am stating this as another quesiton b/c I allowed the other one to go to “in-voting” but there were a few who insulted me and really showed disrespect. I didn’t post the money I had given her b/c that was not the question, but perhaps I am gross that I smoke. I don’t know… maybe “I” am, but I do not have a crystal meth addiction while pregnant (like this women’s 18-year old daughter), and I do not have three failed marriages, the inability to have a checking acct due to “check fraud” like this employee, but I do have a generous heart, and I have tried to help her and still will. She is a good employee who has brought her baggage (let me tell you) to my life, my business, and quite frankly, she’s a train wreck, but I have compassion for her because I too was a child in a tough situation, and I have sympathy. Perhaps smoking is gross, and i have the habit, but I I have contributed to this person’s life, and it breaks me into to know that some people focus on the wrong things.
I do not have children. Married for the first time at 39 (my husband 40 and he the first time). We do not have criminal records, drug habits, bad credit, etc. We have a philanthropic heart, and when we do have children, and we will, I pray that we will certainly discourage any habit that is bad for our children, but more importantly, I hope to teach them to be self-sufficient, philanthropic, believe in Christ, follow him by being an example, and also showing compassion and concern for the less fortunate (and even the fortunate). If they end up smoking, I would be unhappy, but if they smoked and did all of the above, I would be very pleased with him/her. If they didn’t smoke, but lived a criminal life, etc, I would be devasted. Smoking is bad – not one thing positive about it, but I can say this…. if they smoked, but lived the life of this woman that works for me, I would experience much disappointment. Perhaps some need to realize smoking is seriously not the worse thing ever
my last statement meant to say: If they did not smoke, but lived the life of this woman and her daughters, I would be devasted. Let’s face it – I am enabling her to save her daughter’s life, adn this is why i was so troubled that SHE did discuss me negatively. I don’t expect praise (not my motivation to help her), but to be insulted in front of her daughters somewhat makes me realize maybe WHY her daughters are themselves such trainwrecks. Her Mother (and Father) are teaching them to “focus” on judgement and NOT on being a productive citizen of society. This woman has an 18 year old daughter (pregnant) in drug rehab for a crystal meth addition; her 4 year old is judging the person that has payed the lion’s share of the cost of this. THIS IS WHAT I WAS CONCERNED WITH. But I did not have room to post all of this (as you can see).

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