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Did Cindy McCain drug her own children & did John McCain cover up her drug abuse?

A former McCain insider and lifelong Republican who worked for Cindy’s charity that she raided to feed her drug addiction, has come forward to tell what he knows.

He says the official story that Cindy hid her drug abuse from her husband is a lie and a cover-up designed to protect his political career. Not only did John McCain know all about it, he deeply hurt and disappointed Cindy’s parents who had managed an intervention for Cindy that resulted in her being checked into rehab.

What did John McCain do that was so awful this whistleblower insider doubted the Hensleys could ever respect him again?

When John McCain found out where the rehab was located, he went there and forced Cindy to leave with him then he spirited her off to their private ranch. He was protecting his political future at no small risk to his own wife.

As for the allegation that Cindy fed drugs to her children so as to pacify them and keep them manageable, evidence of same was also included in the documentation the whistleblower gave to the DEA.

At no time did this whistleblower go public with his story at the time it was happening. At no time did he threaten McCain’s career. He had no ulterior motive (like blackmail or extortion) because he’d already turned over all the documentation to the authorities (the DEA).

John and Cindy McCain filed an extortion complaint against the whistleblower which was laughed off by the feds and ended up going nowhere.

The DEA found the evidence and documentation credible enough to launch an investigation of Cindy’s charity.

Anyway, John McCain always knew and let it go on until it threatened his political career at which time he yanked Cindy away from the help she so badly needed without regard to what was best for her and left her distraught parents in an even more devastated state.

If this the kind of care he would take with our country and its citizens?


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