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Did you hear about this news story? “Storybook Character Sentenced to Rehab”?

“The storybook world was shocked today when the Big Bad Wolf was sentenced only to drug rehabilitation and not prison time. The other characters, especially the three little pigs, were outraged. “That guy tries to kill us and eat us alive and all he gets is 30 days with Lindsay Lohan? C’mon – that’s a bunch of crap” said one of the pig siblings.

“Mr. Wolf’s defense attorney summarized the court’s position on the sentencing. “It’s all there in black and white. Mr. Wolf was huffing, puffing, and doing blow. He got the munchies. He likes pork rinds. His behavior is not necessarily due to an evil carnivorous nature; rather, his judgment was impaired by the drugs.”

OK, it’s stoopid, but it sounded funny in my head.

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