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Does the Media treat Women unequally and delight in “Bringing Down Women”?

Normally I try to avoid the celebrity trainwreck, but on the news, it seems that almost every day, there is some sensationalist story about how yet another female actress or musician has gone off the rails.

It is certainly in the media remit to cover what is happening in the world, and for better or worse that now includes celebrity, yet it does seem to me that the manner in which the press targets women is far more hurtful and insipid than the way it deals with male celebrities.

Appearance (is she anorexic, is she showing cellulite, is she pregnant)
Relationship status (does she have a new boyfriend, what about the old one)
Drug addiction (is she using/clean/in rehab/at risk)

the list trails goes on.

Does the media target women in a more malicious and invasive way than it targets men?

Does it delight in “Bringing Down Women”?

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