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Site Design:

User benefits: A no-frills site with a clean, straight-forward graphic interface, drug rehab program directory offers easy navigation to users through a number of ways. One is the navigation menu on the left side that appears on all pages and contains the major links to the inner main pages. The clickable map of U.S. States, conveniently placed above the fold, offers users the easy option to locate the rehab centers in their area. Alternatively, users can also click on the states listed at the bottom to search for rehab programs by state.

There is little that the site designers have not thought about when it comes to ease of navigation and the visitors to this site can get any data they want without having to search around for the information. The website incorporates a very helpful search tool where visitors can search for drug rehab programs by state, county or zip code. The website also features a site map for added navigation comfort.

Member benefits: The drug rehab program directory site offers members various features at their disposal at just a few clicks of the mouse. Members can use the easy-to-use navigation bar that is loaded with a comprehensive list of features.

Members can log in and access exclusive membership privileges by navigating through a simple menu bar that allows them a range of features. The website offers its members various options – view their prospects, send and receive email, create and edit their profile, add their services and affiliations, post clients’ testimonials, create web pages, announce job positions and create letter templates that can be easily customized later for individual clients. Members can also view statistics on the number of website visits and profile views.


The directory is not only user friendly but also a great place for drug rehab centers to expand their businesses. The drug rehab program directory offers two types of registrations to its members – regular and exclusive. Members are given the option of registering in the U.S. drug rehab program directory and the international drug rehab program directory.

The contents of the site are thoughtfully created and well organized. A reading/career section offers useful links to resources on drug rehab programs, featured articles on drug rehabilitation and drug rehab programs, job openings in rehab facilities, case studies of the members of the directory and latest news on drug rehab programs. The site also offers a shop for books and other items related to drug rehab programs. Users can highly benefit from the informative articles posted on the website by the members. The site also makes it easy for users to get in touch with drug rehab programs in their area by filling out a very short online form.

In all, this site offers complete and comprehensive listing of drug rehabilitation programs and information and an effective business platform for rehab service providers.

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