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Famous & Fatal October 1970 Weekend (Janis Joplin & 8 others OD)

Janis Joplin elevated to fame and fortune during the 1960’s as being the lead vocalist with the Big Brother & the Holding Company group of musicians. She eventually proceeded to become a solo artist and song author. It was no secret to any who knew her that she had an addiction to alcohol and drugs.

On October 3, 1970 soon after doing a recording she had gone for a couple of drinks with one of the band members and then went back to her room in which she was discovered the following day lifeless of an obvious medication over dose. The autopsy to come would later demonstrate that the heroin she obtained the night before, from a trusted source, was so pure it was in fact eight times the potency that she had commonly taken, causing her system to shut down. The batch of narcotics that she attained that tragic night was also provided to a good many others, 8 of which encountered their death as well.

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