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Grace Slick

Grace Slick, in several ways, was the poster child for drug abuse in the 1960’s. She developed the anthem of the time, “White Rabbit” which may be linked to the C.S. Lewis story, Alice in Wonderland, with major substance abuse overtones. The single was responsible for giving Jefferson Airplane and Grace Slick to stardom. She admits she abused in her youth but her substance of choice is alcoholic beverages. Grace smashed her vehicle into a retaining wall near the Golden Gate Bridge in 1971 going 80 mph drunk drivingwhile under the influence. She credits a lot of being jailed to being drinking alcohol. Once, she planned to put LSD into the beverage of then President Nixon at a White House celebration. Slick went to rehabilitation in 1978 for alcohol over use. Sober since the 1980s, Slick tried to have a music career but did not gain the success of Jefferson Airplane or Jefferson Starship. During the 1990s, Slick had left rock and roll and turned her focus to art. In an interview with CNN, she labeled herself as a nonpracticing alcoholic – someone that doesn’t consume alcohol but remains an alcoholic.

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