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International Drug & Alcohol Luxury Rehab Announces its Friendly Dry Sky Program for All Active Air Carrier Pilots

International Drug & Alcohol Luxury Rehab Super Center announced today its new service called the Friendly Dry Sky Program aimed at reducing the number of pilots that fly while intoxicated. This program will offer its services to all Active Licensed Air Carrier Pilots for FREE for all of 2010. Due to the rise in the number of pilots apprehended while flying under the influence of alcohol this year. The most recent publicized case was a United Air Line captain who was intoxicated when he landed at London Heathrow Airport. These incidents combined with other incidents around the world show a steep increase in alcohol abuse among the world’s airline captains. Obviously, there have to be many more cases that go unreported. This new program works to ensure the safety of the sky above everyone’s head around the world.

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