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Is anyone else upset that Miss USA was able to keep her crown?

When I heard the news about Miss USA keeping her crown and going to rehab I was just “sickened” to my stomach and so very disappointed in the whole judging process. Where is the accountability? Miss Connor is a drug addict and she will be given jobs where she will be surrounded by the american public along with children while she has this addiction. Does the pageantry hold to any standards? Does the pageantry or Mr. Trump hold himself to any high standards? What kind of message is this sending to the pageant industry or to young women who feel that if you have a cute face or a nice body then your actions will not be held against you? I am very familiar with the eligibility of the USA pageantry and their are many high standards that a young woman must possess to even be qualified to be on the pageant, the fact that Miss Conner is allowed to keep her crown just makes the USA pageantry void and null. Anyone else feel the same?

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