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Jeremy London’s “Kidnapping” Story Led to Sobriety

In 2010, Jeremy London ended up being allegedly kidnapped and forced to do drugs. Following a battle with being hooked on medications, many individuals were being not wanting to believe his tale. His family members went as far as to express that due to London’s drug addiction, he could have embellished the situation.

The guilty kidnapper dismissed the allegations rather professing that London asked the kidnapper to get the drugs for him. The pair drove about for almost twelve hours before London was able to get away from gunpoint and go back home. London, who appeared on Celebrity Rehab with Dr .. Drew, managed to graduate from the procedure and eventually entered another center. Rehabilitation was a part of the conditions that he had to satisfy so as to restore custody of his child, Lyrik who was taken by state authorities. His kidnapping experience compelled him to start to be sober and he currently is sober and hoping to continue his Hollywood career.

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