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Lindsay Lohan’s Addiction Problems Stem from her ADHD?

It was in the past believed that Lindsay Lohan’s usually irregular and careless conduct was attributable to ADHD. Brought into the spotlight for several wrong doings, Lindsay Lohan was examined and treated by physicians for this medical problem. Recently however it has been confirmed by her present medical doctor that she does not have ADHD. Numerous Americans, especially young kids, are wrongly diagnosed each and every year with ADHD. Some people who are suffering from ADHD aren’t hyper whatsoever; the truth is, a large number of youngsters who have ADHD are likely to daze off and gaze into space and are unable to give attention to projects at hand.

ADHD has also been consistently wrongly identified as bipolar disorder, as they both contain very similar symptoms in young children. It isn’t until the kid reaches puberty those signs of ADHD and bipolar part ways. It can be come to the conclusion for Lindsay Lohan that her being addicted to medications could have stemmed out of this misdiagnosis thus leading her to become dependent on a medicine that certainly not ought to have been prescribed by doctors.

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