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Miley Cyrus: The Fake Role Model

Miley Cyrus is a young performer that has acquired the hearts of scores of adoring young ladies all over the world. Having said that, adults are scared at their kids wanting to copy Miley Cyrus, somebody they think of as a horrible role model.

Since her rise to fame and fortune, Miley has not been devoid of her share of controversy. As a adolescent, she posed for photographs in her undergarments and shared them via mobile phone. She’s also been seen to park in handicap areas, claiming to experience tachycardia and using that for an excuse. Never mind the point that she is capable of giving high energy shows, walking just a couple of feet should not be a concern. Her well known photo shoots at the age of 16 wearing only a sheet is way too provocative for a star her age, regardless what her sex appeal is. With behavior like these, it’s no surprise that mothers and fathers do not want their kids acting like Miley. You can find more suitable heroines around for kids to follow.

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