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My brother has a really bad drug problem and now this…..?

He has smoked pot since middle school, as a young adult has gotten addicted to Xanex (*spelling) and had several seizures from this addiction. I am completely oppisite and am quite nieve to all of this. I did put together efforts to get him into rehab about 3 years ago, but my dad didnt want to pay for him to stay longer than 4 or 5 it’ really didnt do any good. He and his girlfriend live together, supported by my dad and her mom. Niether one of them have a job or car and really haven’t made an attempt to find and keep a job. As angry as all of this has always made me I still love him and try to keep my opinion to myself, since parents are allowing this. A couple of days ago I found out his girlfriend is pregnant. I know he is doing alot of drugs now, maybe just to dull the news. She is still drinking. She seems to think wine is ok. They can’t even take care of themselves how are they going to take care of a baby! I would make a strong case to adopt this child….
but I we are expecting baby #4 in May. So I really dont have the means or energy to take that on. The same parents that are allowing them to not work seem excited somehow about all of this…I just dont get it. Is everyone overlooking the drug use and destruction of their bodies. The last time I had to meet family at the ER bc of a seizure, I pulled his nurse aside and asked her what I can do. She remembered him being there before and knew he had a severe problem, but said not much since he is an adult. I am just at a loss…how can I just let him self destruct and now have this innocent child come into the world like this? Any suggestions would be helpful.

FYI – He is 22 and she is 20. No college. No job. No money. No car.

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