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Myths vs Reality: Prescription Pain Medication Abuse

Open up any newspaper nowadays and you can locate a story in regards to a individual addicted to medications. The process starts out innocently enough, you have an pain, you visit a doctor and so they recommend pain medications. You begin taking these and feel better. This should actually be the conclusion of the account, even so, many people enjoy the way they feel while on these drugs and continue their use long afterwards the prescription is essential.

It is estimated that twenty percent of American’s have either used prescription drugs for no reason other than to feel happy or have over used their prescriptions for a similar outcome. With the availability of approved pain medications, it isn’t tough to observe how this could certainly happen. Drug dealers today carry them as part of their stash and in addition they could be attained without a prescription on the web. Regrettably this improper use of prescription pain killers has led to a staggering number of deaths caused by accidental overdose.

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