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Rehab’s Latest Trend: Sex Rehab for the Cheater

Initially Tiger Woods, then Jesse James, who will be next? Will depend on who gets busted serial two timing! Sexual activity rehabilitation is viewed as much more of a joke when compared with a proper therapy stint. Although sex addiction is actually a disease, that which we are witnessing is cheating men seeking to repair what is remaining of their marital relationships. At this point, neither marriage has been saved by the sexual addiction therapy.

Serialized cheating doesn’t indicate that there’s a basic sexual addiction. A number of men just realize its difficult to be faithful to a single woman, particularly if 1 spouse is continually traveling for work. Nevertheless, it is a growing trend in treatment clinics. Unfortunately, because there’s simply no true fundamental sex addiction that is inducing the being unfaithful, the treatment is largely unnecessary. Couples must either quit cheating or stop generating justifications regarding their disloyal actions to prevent shining a negative spotlight on genuine sex addictions.

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