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Samaritan Ministries Pyramd Scheme News-Worthy?

Samaritan Ministries International is an alternative insurance company where you have to pay for your health care yourself and for $285 a year you can ask the other members to re-inburse you. One of the catches is that your medical business is reported in their weekly newsletter, drug rehab is not paid for and neither are out of wed-lock pregnancies. Really, your condition needs to be worthy before someone might help you pay for it.

For example, cancer treatment might seem like a more worthy cause, so most people will intuitively help pay for that and overlook your need to go to the dentist.

And there is not government oversight and you have to sign a waiver so you cannot sue then for any reason.

I don’t know what they spend that $285 on, considering the members are the ones who pay the bills. On the surface, it seems approachable, but the more you look into it the more you think it is a scam. It’s set-up like a run of the mill pyramid scheme.

They claim they are not an insurance company, and I guess they are right. So, why would I pay them $285 a year to pay my medical bills myself?

And why haven’t I seen any news coverage on this? Bernie Maddoff was a popular story, but this is ignored even though they lobbied and succeeded to get an exempt status from the new health-care bill.

The truth about: “rehab” & drug addiction: the reality is far from glamorous.(HEADS UP: REAL NEWS ABOUT DRUGS AND YOUR BODY): An article from: Science World
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