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Sarah Palin breaks out the boos

Sarah Palin breaks out the boos
No doubt about it, Sarah Palin’s presence on the set of ” Dancing With the Stars ” — cheering on daughter Bristol Monday night –had ’em buzzing backstage.When the Tea Party hero and ex-Alaska governor heard those much-discussed boos, the former vice presidential candidate was overheard taking it all in stride.Initially thinking the hoots were directed at her, Palin laughed it off, a show …

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What do you know about “rehab” and drug addiction?(HEADS UP REAL NEWS ABOUT DRUGS AND YOUR BODY): An article from: Junior Scholastic
This digital document is an article from Junior Scholastic, published by Scholastic, Inc. on April 27, 2009. The length … More >>

Tips, Tricks & Home Remedys To Pass a Drug Test
Tips, Tricks & Home Remedies To Pass a Drug Test. Everything you need to pass any drug test using products from your home, grocery store or health food store. This book will prepare you for every type of situation before during and after your drug test.

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