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Small victory against illegals in Northern VA. Isn’t this great news??

“The Prince William County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday night and passed a resolution to deny some services to illegal immigrants.
The policy is one of the toughest in the country and has already been met with protests, boycotts and a federal lawsuit. Officials had said the decision could impact several other counties around the country.
The board voted to allow police to check the residency status of illegal immigrants if they are suspected of breaking a law. The measure also means that county services such as housing assistance, drug rehab for jail inmates and senior programs would be denied to illegal immigrants. ”

Check the link for more on this great story.
Mari – Giving benefits to criminals is stupid!
Jenn – What illegals are doing to this country is sick!!
Gun Dream – It’s not about denying entry to people who we don’t like, it’s about people who think they are ABOVE the law and should not be in this country to begin with!!!
There is a way to come into this country LEGALLY!! Millions of immigrants who came to the US “to get a better life” have done it!! Illegals coming here breaking laws, hurting the economy, increasing crime rates and putting a strain on our education and health care systems is not bad enough; they have the nerve to DEMAND rights!!!! Can I go to Mexico and DEMAND things in English, DEMAND things to change just to suit me????? I don’t think so!!!! Yes I know what we did to blacks was terrible and all that, but that is not the issue we are talking about! And yes we will win against illegals!!

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