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Switching Addictions in Recovery

Among the issues that people frequently notice in recovery is individuals switching addictions in recovery. It’s very common for somebody in recovery for one habit to get yet another type of addiction in the recovery method. Why? Addictive action is frequently used to help alleviate stress and anxiety.

Those who find themselves hooked on alcohol frequently do so because alcohol assists them to avoid the tension and anxiety in their lives. Take that dependence away, and they may not learn how to handle strain and anxiety without some other sort of addicting actions.

People in rehab and healing are educated to handle that anxiety and strain in healthy ways. Unfortunately, some people just are not ready for that sort of change, are not ready to be available for it.

That person who had been addicted to alcohol to cope with anxiety and stress goes through therapy and kicks that dependence, only to find themselves addicted to smokes. For some individuals, it’s not possible to deal with everything they sense without some sort of addicting action.

In a manner, switching addictions in recovery can be viewed as a relapse based on the situation. A backslide is a slide in recovery. In recovery, people work to alter their life styles to combat unhealthy habits and addictions. Simply shifting from dependency to the other is not supportive of a fresh and healthier life style that those in recovery must be working to realize.

Obviously, some instances are worse than others. Someone heading from alcoholism to cigarette habit is not a desirable situation, but it’s not horrible. But, someone going from heroin addiction to alcoholism is a serious difficulty.

It’s frequently suggested for those in recovery from medicine addictions to not begin drinking alcohol for this reason. Alcohol is an addictive substance if mistreated and especially if the person abusing has an addictive character and addictive habits. If they are in a transition phase between an addiction and are in early recovery, the intro of an addictive substance like alcohol is quite prone to trigger the development of an entirely new habit.

Sadly, switching dependency in healing is very common. Rather than facing the original addiction, performing the necessary work to access recovery, get the better of the addiction, and work to stay in recovery, several people simply select an alternative compound to satisfy their need for addictive actions and results.

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