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Harbor Village Detox Warns Against Prescription Drug Addiction After Boca Raton Man Arrested for Allegedly Running $15 Million Pill Mill in Fort Lauderdale

Harbor Village Detox extends treatment incentives to Fort Lauderadale in response to the Sun Sentinel’s recent article. (PRWeb June 15, 2015) Read the full story at i

Roberty Downey’s Son Arrested For Cocaine

Harbor Village Florida comments on Roberty Downey’s Son alleged arrest due to cocaine possession. (PRWeb July 11, 2014) Read the full story at i

Narconon East US Tackling Oxycontin Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic As 33 Arrested

Narconon East US Drug Rehab Centers tackle the Oxycontin prescription drug abuse epidemic helping addicts get drug-free as 33 prescribing pain clinic doctors are arrested in South Florida. (PRWeb December 01, 2011) Read the full story at The Diet Solution ProgramSuper High Converting Weight Loss…

Okay, did Natasha Lyonne of (Slums of Beverly Hills) actually threaten to molest a dog and get arrested?

I heard something on the news that she turned herself into the police after failure to appear for an incident involving a neighbor in which she did property damage and threatened to molest his dog. Did anyone else hear this? Does anyone know exactly what…

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