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Drug Rehab Baltimore Comments on Fentanyl Overdoses in Baltimore

Drug Rehab Baltimore comments on WBAL TV’s recent article. (PRWeb July 24, 2015) Read the full story at i

The Price of Heroin in Baltimore Drops, Surging Use and Causing Rife Overdose Deaths

Drug Rehab Baltimore extends its heroin rehab program to the entire state of Maryland in response to recent heroin deaths as reported by the Baltimore Sun. (PRWeb May 27, 2015) Read the full story at i

The Drug Death Toll Exceeds the Murder Rate in Baltimore

According to an article published by ABC2, heroin addiction is making its mark on the city of Baltimore in hefty body counts. Drug Rehab Baltimore responds by offering incentive programs for victims of addiction to get addiction treatment. (PRWeb April 17, 2015) Read the full…

Drug Rehab Baltimore Launches New Drug and Alcohol Addiction Website to Help Victims of Substance Use Disorders

Drug Rehab Baltimore is a specialized drug and alcohol rehab center serving the area of Baltimore and the entire state of Maryland. The addiction treatment center has recently launched a new website with the intent of offer self-help guides for victims of drug and alcohol…

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