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Brother of Sylvester Stallone Checks Into Rehab

Harbor Village Florida Comments on Brother of Sylvester Stallone Checking Into Rehab (PRWeb July 15, 2014) Read the full story at i

My brother has a really bad drug problem and now this…..?

He has smoked pot since middle school, as a young adult has gotten addicted to Xanex (*spelling) and had several seizures from this addiction. I am completely oppisite and am quite nieve to all of this. I did put together efforts to get him into…

Looking for a one month Drug Rehab program in Southeast USA for my little brother who is addicted to oxycontin?

Hi, please let me know about any 1-6 month drug rehab programs preferably in Florida or the southeast USA that rehabilitates addicts, specifically oxycontin. My brother is only 19 and needs treatment ASAP. Also, I am looking for something low cost / free / income…

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