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Destination Hope Claims First Case of Internet Addiction Documented This Month Underscores The Importance of Recognizing Process Addictions

Process addictions are the latest trend in addiction treatment centers, with more and more clients coming in for help with gambling, sex, shopping and even internet addiction. (PRWeb October 30, 2014) Read the full story at i

Rehab Industry Legal Case Settled: Suncoast Rehab Fights Back Against Treatment Center Discrimination and Wins

A recent case involving Suncoast Rehab and Hernando County involved wrongful denial of the center’s expansion plans, with a basis of discrimination. The case has set a precedent for the entire rehab industry, with many organizations who have been waiting in the balance to discover…

I recently read a newspaper report (in this case about Tim Hardaway) that lists the standard, four step,?

celebrity image recovery program. 1. Hire a celebrity “crisis manager” team. (Tim should give Mel Gibson a call and find out who he’s working with.) 2. Apologize, then claim you were drunk, high or mentally unstable at the time of your statement. 3. Enter rehab…

Mackenzie Phillips drug case dropped

Mackenzie Phillips drug case dropped LOS ANGELES, May 1 (UPI) — All charges against actress Mackenzie Phillips stemming from her 2008 drug bust at Los Angeles International Airport have been dropped, officials said. Read more on UPI Episode 2 The Rehab Offer Calculator.The Rehab Offer…

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