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How do I find drug rehab centers in Louisiana?

I live in Alexandria, Louisiana. After months of prodding, I had finally convinced my dad to get himself treated for heroin addiction. I want to make sure that he gets the care and treatment he needs. How will I be able to find drug rehab…

Drug Rehab | Alcohol Rehab | Journey Healing Centers – Journey Healing Centers is a world renowned drug and alcohol rehab center with locations in Utah & Arizona and soon expanding to Australia. Journey Healing Centers uses a holistic approach combines with a dual-diagnostic treatment. Free addiction help line: 800-658-4880 Rapid Mass Traffic.Get…

Is it true that drug rehab centers treat its patients like inmates?

There this current rumor going around our neighborhood that drug rehab centers treat its patients like prisoners. I would like to know if this is true because my nephew was put inside one for about a year now. I got so disturbed upon hearing this…

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