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Addiction Freedom Los Angeles Offers Cost-Effective Choice for Recovery

Starting June 12th, Angelenos Can Recover Like the Super-Rich (PRWeb May 30, 2015) Read the full story at i

The Cabin Hong Kong’s New Blog Claims That Cocaine Is the Expats Drug of Choice in Hong Kong

According to The Cabin Hong Kong’s blog, a private outpatient addiction treatment center opened at the beginning of 2015; the increasingly easy availability of cocaine in Hong Kong since the mid 2000s has made it the preferred drug of abuse amongst foreigners working at the…

West Coast Stem Cell Clinic, Physician First Choice, Now Offering Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes

West Coast stem cell clinic, Physician First Choice, is now offering stem cell therapy for diabetes. The treatments are offered for both Type I and II diabetes and have the potential to alter the course of the disease. (PRWeb December 02, 2013) Read the full…

Sober College Heralded as the Young Adult Drug Rehab of Choice by Southern California CEO’s and Generation X & Y Market Leaders

Extreme Sports events and tours will promote the innovative new drug rehab and education center, Sober College, to Generation X & Y crowds. CEO’s committed to considering Sober College graduates for work. Read the full story at Truth About Six Pack Abs – bestseller…

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