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Overdose Death Rates Decreased in Florida as of 2015

Harbor Village Detox comments on USA Today’s recent article. (PRWeb June 29, 2015) Read the full story at i

Harbor Village Detox Urges Heroin Addicts and Substance Abusers to Get Addiction Treatment to Prevent Avoidable Death

Harbor Village Detox comments on Raw Story’s recent article; Heroin Addict Dies in Central Florida Jail without Proper Detox Treatment. (PRWeb May 18, 2015) Read the full story at i

The Drug Death Toll Exceeds the Murder Rate in Baltimore

According to an article published by ABC2, heroin addiction is making its mark on the city of Baltimore in hefty body counts. Drug Rehab Baltimore responds by offering incentive programs for victims of addiction to get addiction treatment. (PRWeb April 17, 2015) Read the full…

Gateway Cautions Williams’ Death Illuminates Unpredictable Undertow of Co-Occurring Disorders

While the specific circumstances surrounding Robin Williams’ untimely death may never come to light, increasing awareness regarding the interrelationship between mental health and substance abuse issues can offer a glimmer of hope to millions of people suffering with co-occurring disorders amid a tragic loss. (PRWeb…

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