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Destination Hope Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center Sees Admissions Increase in January

Admissions traditionally increase in January when individuals chose to get healthy. (PRWeb January 27, 2015) Read the full story at i

Florida Rehab Center Destination Hope Sees More Seniors Struggling with Substance Abuse

As the holidays approach, families should be on the look out (PRWeb October 30, 2014) Read the full story at i

Destination Hope Claims First Case of Internet Addiction Documented This Month Underscores The Importance of Recognizing Process Addictions

Process addictions are the latest trend in addiction treatment centers, with more and more clients coming in for help with gambling, sex, shopping and even internet addiction. (PRWeb October 30, 2014) Read the full story at i

Drug Rehab in Florida, Destination Hope, Applauds NFL for New Drug Abuse Policy

A growing number of employers are reviewing and revising substance use policies. (PRWeb September 30, 2014) Read the full story at i

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