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Rehab Industry Legal Case Settled: Suncoast Rehab Fights Back Against Treatment Center Discrimination and Wins

A recent case involving Suncoast Rehab and Hernando County involved wrongful denial of the center’s expansion plans, with a basis of discrimination. The case has set a precedent for the entire rehab industry, with many organizations who have been waiting in the balance to discover…

Suncoast Rehab Center Wins Discrimination Suit—Victory for Citizens Across United States

Even with laws protecting people’s rights, some Americans and specifically those suffering from addiction, still face discrimination. Suncoast Rehab Center recently won a legal case that proved the Americans with Disabilities Act can protect American citizens and businesses if they fight for their civil liberties.…

Narconon Spring Hill Drug Rehab Center Wins Discrimination Suit In Federal Court

Narconon Spring Hill, a non- profit drug rehabilitation center, won their suit when a federal jury unanimously reached a verdict finding that Hernando County intentionally discriminated against them, according to court documents. (PRWeb January 15, 2013) Read the full story at The Tao Of Badass…

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