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Secrets of a Cardiac Nurse – The Prescription Doctors Don’t Give.

This Active Energy System brings together cutting edge personal development systems and the power of energy medicine. Turn your body into a walking energy dynamo. This time-saving health system can give you more health, motivation, happiness and life. Secrets of a Cardiac Nurse – The…

Don’t Let Alcohol Ruin Your Life

The 12 Step Alternative. Are the 12 step programs not for you? Then try The Path of Greatest Advantage the alternative to the 12 step programs Don’t Let Alcohol Ruin Your Life

Suffering from Adhd – need help – don’t know what to do!

What if you had a programme to work with for thirty-six weeks that you knew would work? That people around the world are using successfully? Try this method without using harmful drugs – all revealed in this e-book. Moving Beyond Adhd Suffering from Adhd –…

My sister is a disaster. I don’t want to have contact with her.?

I’m 16 and my sister is 22. I live with my dad and she lives with HER mom (who is not my mom, mine died). She only lived with us for a couple of months after she got pregnant at 16. She abandoned her baby…

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