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NJ Governor Believes in Drug Treatment Vs. Jail Time

Harbor Village Florida comments on Chris Christie’s view on drug abuse and how it should be treated. (PRWeb July 03, 2014) Read the full story at i

Top Reasons Why Lindsay Lohan Would Choose Jail Over Alcohol Rehab

Lindsay Lohan refuses lock down rehab facility which may cause her to serve possible jail time. St Jude Retreats lists reasons why celebrities would prefer serving time over rehab. (PRWeb March 06, 2013) Read the full story at i

Celebrity News: Why Lindsay Lohan Chose Jail Over Drug Rehab, From an Addiction Perspective

It has been reported that Lindsay Lohan has turned down drug rehab for jail by firing her attorney who could have gotten her off the hook. Read why Lindsay would turn down rehab in favor of jail from an addiction industry insider, founder and CEO…

Judge sends Lohan to jail after failed drug test

Judge sends Lohan to jail after failed drug test A judge sent Lindsay Lohan back to jail Friday after she failed a drug test, and the troubled starlet could stay there for nearly month. Read more on AP via Yahoo! News RSS Advantage News TickerCustom…

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