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Rehab Industry Legal Case Settled: Suncoast Rehab Fights Back Against Treatment Center Discrimination and Wins

A recent case involving Suncoast Rehab and Hernando County involved wrongful denial of the center’s expansion plans, with a basis of discrimination. The case has set a precedent for the entire rehab industry, with many organizations who have been waiting in the balance to discover…

Study Says Legal Marijuana Encourages Teens to Smoke—Suncoast Rehab Center Details Legalization’s Influence on Teen Perception

While proponents of recreational marijuana have continuously lobbied for its legalization, Suncoast Rehab Center pushes for its ban after a recently published study found that pot’s legalization would likely increase its use among teens. (PRWeb April 21, 2014) Read the full story at i

Lindsay Lohan’s Legal Troubles Remind Delray Recovery Center of the Value of Our New REBT Treatment Program

Troubled celebrity Lindsay Lohan is once again facing the threat of jail time. Many other Americans face similar struggles to stay sober and committed to a healthy lifestyle. Addiction treatment centers such as Delray Recovery Center, with a personalized approach, and specialized therapies such as…

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