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Major Health Insurance Plans Provide too Little Help for Substance Abuse Treatment

St. Joseph Institute reports about a recent review of major health insurance policies revealing a growing number have adopted admission guidelines preventing people from going to drug and alcohol rehab. Facilities across Pennsylvania, and around the country, have reported that insurance providers are limiting entrance…

Twinkle tumble little stars

Twinkle tumble little stars Growing up can be hard, but for child stars, the process can be absolutely painful, if not deadly. Read more on The Star RSS Advantage News Ticker.Custom Desktop RSS News Ticker Software With Your Feed And Logo Embedded Inside To Give…

Looking for a one month Drug Rehab program in Southeast USA for my little brother who is addicted to oxycontin?

Hi, please let me know about any 1-6 month drug rehab programs preferably in Florida or the southeast USA that rehabilitates addicts, specifically oxycontin. My brother is only 19 and needs treatment ASAP. Also, I am looking for something low cost / free / income…

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