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Top Reasons Why Lindsay Lohan Would Choose Jail Over Alcohol Rehab

Lindsay Lohan refuses lock down rehab facility which may cause her to serve possible jail time. St Jude Retreats lists reasons why celebrities would prefer serving time over rehab. (PRWeb March 06, 2013) Read the full story at i

Celebrity News: Why Lindsay Lohan Chose Jail Over Drug Rehab, From an Addiction Perspective

It has been reported that Lindsay Lohan has turned down drug rehab for jail by firing her attorney who could have gotten her off the hook. Read why Lindsay would turn down rehab in favor of jail from an addiction industry insider, founder and CEO…

Celebrity/Prison Minister Responds to Conrad Murray Conviction and Lohan Family Woes

Often known as “The Controversial Prison Minister,” Marty Angelo blames Michael Jackson’s death in 2009 on both Jackson and his doctor Conrad Murray. (PRWeb November 17, 2011) Read the full story at Anik Singal’s Lethal Commission – The IM Movie! Huge Epc!The One Of A…

Michael Lohan is Visiting S. Florida to Speak with Teens at the Nationally Known Inspirations Teen Rehab

Michael Lohan and the Walsh’s like many other parents, are alarmed with our nation’s growing rate of adolescent drug use and the subsequent tragedies occurring as a result of teen drug abuse. Michael Lohan, the Walsh’s, and the staff of Inspirations Teen Rehab are fulfilling…

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