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“Being Paul Gascoigne”, and why so many are now looking to The Providence Project in Bournemouh for drug and alcohol rehab.

Why Gazza and so many others are going to The Providence Projects, drug rehab in Bournemouth. (PRWeb September 24, 2013) Read the full story at i

Top Addiction Treatment Center Looking for Skilled Therapists

Cliffside Treatment Center is looking for 3 experienced therapists to work at effective drug and alcohol rehab facility. (PRWeb August 14, 2013) Read the full story at i

The Stress Elimination Resource you have been looking for

50% Commission. Find out how to control the stress in your life so that you can go on living the healthier, happier life that you deserve… These simple strategies to controlling your stress and anxiety levels will give you back the control you need. The…

Looking for a one month Drug Rehab program in Southeast USA for my little brother who is addicted to oxycontin?

Hi, please let me know about any 1-6 month drug rehab programs preferably in Florida or the southeast USA that rehabilitates addicts, specifically oxycontin. My brother is only 19 and needs treatment ASAP. Also, I am looking for something low cost / free / income…

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