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Over 1 in 3 Americans Was Given An Opioid Prescription in 2015

CDC Overdose deaths statistics for prescription opioids

Level of Opioid Prescriptions Never Seen Before A recent study by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health showed that more than one out of three Americans can been prescribed an opioid pain killer in 2015.  This is in spite of growing concerns about prescription…

Oxycontin Rehab Center Led By Dr. Mohammad Announce Town Hall Series About Oxycontin Still Being Prevalent Although Prescription Abuse Altered – Abusers Switch To Heroin

Oxycontin rehab center Inspire Malibu and Dr. Mohammad set to educate public about the dangers of heroin at the next town hall meeting. The pain-killing drug originally was thought to be part of the solution to the abuse of opioid drugs because Oxycontin was originally…

Novus Medical Detox Speaks Out Against OxyContin Abuse in the Workplace

Novus Medical Detox helps OxyContin abusers detox successfully with natural supplements and proprietary vitamin protocols to eliminate withdrawal symptoms and get back to a healthy life (PRWeb November 26, 2012) Read the full story at The $4 Million Monster – $135.00 Avg Commission! Lowest Refunds…

Addiction Medicine Pioneer Dr. A.R. Mohammad Launching Awareness Campaign About Recent OxyContin Formula Change and the Unforeseen Effects

Addiction medicine expert Dr. A.R. Mohammad seeing spike in heroin abuse on the heels of Oxycontin formula modification (PRWeb July 30, 2012) Read the full story at Power4home — Powered By – *proven ProductsThe Highest Converting Home Energy Site – Earn $79.85 W/ Back…

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