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Harbor Village Detox Warns Against Prescription Drug Addiction After Boca Raton Man Arrested for Allegedly Running $15 Million Pill Mill in Fort Lauderdale

Harbor Village Detox extends treatment incentives to Fort Lauderadale in response to the Sun Sentinel’s recent article. (PRWeb June 15, 2015) Read the full story at i

Novus Detox Says Pill Mill Legislation Leaves Unpredicted Fatal Consequence for Communities

While pill mill legislation is badly needed, an unexpected side effect of pill mill closures seems to lead to substance abusers now turning to heroin—this ramification is spreading throughout the U.S., and Novus Medical Detox says that education, along with legislation, is needed. (PRWeb September…

Hopeful Drug Addiction Solution Pill Vigabatrin, Fails Trial Study

Vigabatrin a proposed drug addiction “solution" for cocaine and methamphetamine dependence fails to provide results when recently tested. St Jude Retreat’s theory on replacement therapy drugs stands correct. (PRWeb November 14, 2012) Read the full story at The Fat Loss Factor : Guaranteed Highest Converting…

Prescription Pill Addiction Behind the Orange Curtain; OC Drug Rehab 449Recovery Acknowledges Trend

Orange County Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Praises Film (PRWeb April 25, 2012) Read the full story at Fat Burning Furnace: Jan 2012 Update: 20% IncreaseCash In On Huge January Rush! Avg. Payouts Up, Conversions Up, Refunds Down… How Do We Do It? Well, We…

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