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Current US Real Estate Trends Create Perfect Opportunities for House Flippers

Current trends in the US real estate market, such as historically low interest rates, have created ideal opportunities for house flippers to secure rehab properties with record return on investment. (PRWeb October 11, 2012) Read the full story at The Fat Loss Factor : Guaranteed…

California Real Estate Professionals Receive Training to Help Investors Take Advantage of Today’s Housing Market

Certified Investor Agent Specialist (CIAS) course, from the Charfen Institute®, trains real estate agents to find, create, and close with residential real estate investors, helping California homeowners make sound investment decisions for their future (PRWeb July 10, 2012) Read the full story at Truth About…

Real Estate Expert Says Many Foreigners Are Buying Bargain Priced Bank Owned Properties In South Florida

Real Estate Expert Lex Levinrad says that many foreign buyers are attracted to bargain priced bank owned properties in the U.S real estate market, especially in South Florida. (PRWeb November 22, 2011) Read the full story at Plan B Profits – Just Launched And Top…

Real Estate Shared Appreciate Mortgage eBook

Discover the secrets of building a high net worth with Real Estate using Shared Appreciate Mortgage in this eBook. Real Estate Shared Appreciate Mortgage eBook

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