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Harbor Village Detox Expresses Concern About the Working Class Abusing Adderall

Harbor Village Detox comments on The New York Times’ recent article regarding the abuse of the prescription medication adderall to increase work performance among the business class. (PRWeb April 29, 2015) Read the full story at i

New Study: Teen Drug and Alcohol Use Declining – Suncoast Rehabilitation Center Says Results Indicate Drug Education Could be Working

A recent survey of the nation’s teenagers has reported that the use of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs by teenagers is on the decline – a trend which Suncoast Rehab maintains could be a strong indication that anti-drug messages are getting through to the younger generation.…

Hess Chiro Comes Highly Recommended by the Largest Directory of Personal Injury Physicians Working on Lien and Letter of Protection

Dr. Hess’s chiropractic practices have been given the coveted "Preferred Provider" designation by Power Liens. (PRWeb July 14, 2014) Read the full story at i

Per Wickstom Looks at the Worst and Best Parts of Working in the Rehab Industry in Latest Blog Post

In his latest blog post at, Per Wickstrom, noted speaker, author, philanthropist, entrepreneur and CEO of Best Drug Rehabilitation, has highlighted what are in his opinion the best and worth parts of working in the rehab industry. (PRWeb February 20, 2014) Read the full…

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