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Washington Drug Rehab Centers See Good, Bad And Hopeful In Recent Statistics

Washington Drug Rehab centers have witnessed both increases and decreases in drug and alcohol abuse over last decade. However, for every bit of good news recorded about drug or alcohol rehab, Washington appears to present a challenge to match it.

According to statistics provided by the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute at the University of Washington, 12% of all women of child-bearing age are currently seeking or in desperate need of treatment for chemical dependency. In addition, a 2002 report revealed that nearly 10 percent of all adults in Washington households, and nearly nine percent of youths age 12 to17 were in need of immediate drug or alcohol rehab. Washington did have some positive news in this respect, as well. Those who do seek rehab in the state of Washington for their drug and alcohol problems do so with amazing success. For example, a recent study of 6,000 youths across the state revealed some amazing results from effective rehab treatment. Between the year before these youths saw treatment and the year after treatment was received, researchers reported a 56 percent decline in felonies among those studied. What’s more, this same study group reported a 30% decline in the commission of misdemeanors.

When it comes to handling drug and alcohol rehab, Washington has seen a significant decrease in many substance abuse areas. This has had a positive effect on the long-term budgets required for handling drug and alcohol abuse in Washington. The studies estimate that every dollar spent on substance abuse prevention ultimately saves $7 in treatment costs.

While many addicts and abusers may at first object to getting treatment at Washington drug rehab centers by citing cost, these studies also report that substance abuse treatment usually pays for itself within three years.

There are scores of drug and alcohol treatment centers in the Seattle area alone, and literally hundreds of Washington drug rehab centers across the state. So which one is right for any single substance abuser? The addict must consider several things: experience of the facility and staff with treating the particular substance being abused; the location of these services and the person’s ability to undergo what may be considerable time away from home in an inpatient facility; and finally, the financial cost of treatment.

When it comes to drug rehab, Spokane boasts one of the most effective drug rehab centers in the state. It employs both traditional and revolutionary techniques for ultimately breaking the addictive tendencies that many people fight with their entire lives.

If you or a loved one is currently looking for the right facility to use for drug rehab, Spokane, Seattle and many other Washington cities have rehab centers waiting to help.

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