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What are Co-Occurring Disorders?

If you have never heard mentioned the words co-occurring disorders, you are not alone. Many folks don’t have an accurate definition of the phrase. Essentially, if a person has been diagnosed to suffer co-occurring disorders it simply means that the patient has multiple emotional and psychological issues that are a cause of one another. These co-occurruing diagnosis’s can work hand in hand and make an individual addicted to illegal substances until treatment is given. Simply think of those with an addiction to alcoholand individuals experiencing obsessive and compulsive behavior together. Co-occurring disorder deal with two medical issues that have to be cured separately along with two programs simultaneously that can cure and identify one from the other.

When treating co-occurring problems, it is very important for therapists to manage both disorders at once. If an underlying reason for dependence remains untreated, the individual may tumble back into recognizable, comfortable patterns after the treatment solutions are done. If each of the triggers are handled together, named dual diagnosis treatment, there is absolutely no fundamental trigger left to result in the person to relapse. Considering that the problems play off of each other, doing away with both of them is the only technique to successfully take care of co-occurring problems.

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