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What is the best treatment for cross-addiction?

I’ve got a little bit of a difficulty concerned with my friend, and the man’s name is James. No, I’m merely kidding. He isn’t my problem, nevertheless his issue has grown to be my problem. You see, James has a more than small addiction problem that I am helping him cope with and it’s certainly not easy. James is my own very best friend, this guy has been my very best friend for about eight years now. I can’t picture everyday life without him, yet I almost had to. James had become a pretty heavy alcoholic after his partner for four years broke up with him. I suspected this was actually a risk, it’s a tendency that his family has. Anyway,Anyway, the man’s girlfriend dumped him, this girl he believed he was actually going to marry, and consequently this guy began consuming alcohol in order to reduce the heartbreak when practically nothing else helped. He may have guys night with all of us and blow things up in video games and eat tons of pizza, he could have awesome dinners made by myself and be treated to a movie, he could sleep together with arbitrary young ladies he became aquainted with at the bar, he could actually be surrounded by all the folks that love him, however nothing helped. Nothing helped except for booze in his mind.

Once he lost his occupation and was hardly functional because of his alcoholism, i actually had to be able to act. I battled with him over this particular matter yet I subsequently got him to rehab needed for alcoholism. He was over there for a little over a thirty day period and consequently came out alcoholism-free. However, I don’t understand how they let him go from that center since this guy was still an addict of some kind. In the man’s treatment, this guy received opiate pain killers for the withdrawal from alcoholic symptoms. He grew to be addicted to these painkillers and these individuals supplied him a few everyday. When this guy came back out, he some how found a system to receive the pain killers for home and started abusing them. Shouldn’t the particular rehabilitation center have actually seen that coming? I guess it’s my mistake for deciding upon a bad center for him.

Anyway, now this person has this addiction to opiate pain killers and continually acts like some idiot just because of them. He is not healthy or even sane. He is actually unhealthy and just numb. He requires much more help, but this time, it’s got to end up being the appropriate help. What he has, this kind of addiction to opiate pain killers because of his original addiction to booze is known as cross-addiction. So I ask, what is the best remedy pertaining to cross-addiction? And I mean, just what is really the very best treatment available for cross-addiction? I’m certainly not fooling around. This my very best friend and this guy requires assistance like no tomorrow. So someone help me help him.

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