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who feels that celebs get special treatment?

i mean look at all the news going around…drugs and drinking and driving..lettin them out of jail cause they couldn’t handle it..u better believe if it was someone who isn’t a celeb we would be locked up or in rehab until we were clean..and as far as micheal jackson..i know if i held my child over the balcony like that..child welfare would step in and take that child away..why didn’t he get charged for child endangerment or something…i mean come on..common since..
i understand on the DUI…like for instant on brittney spears..her’s is suspended..but all u see is pics of her driving..what’s up with that…lol
they r all good answers..unfortantly i have to pick just one as the best answer…so whoever ends up with the most votes will get the people vote…

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